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If the patient is in,a few small white spot appear on finger, may feel ache, be in especially pressShanghai Long Feng forum

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When, this kind of aching feeling is met exceedingly intense, some moment we if the hand is pricked to plunge intoShanghai noble baby

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To, thisShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Some thorn was not taken in time, the likelihood can be in such small white spot appears after cut cicatrizations, when pressing, we can feel ache, so does small white spot rise to be pressed on finger how be fond of this to do?

 The hand shows the dot presses a Xiaobai to ache

Left hand thumb is aching, white account other people, general this kind of circumstance may be the thing that ties before, form hyperplasia, bring about press now ache.

Go orthopaedics outpatient service looks, basically be to examine system, seeing an end is what quality of a material, need possibly to make other and auxiliary inspection when necessary.

Symptom of occurrence big toe ache, should appear clearly above all the pathogeny of these symptoms, undertake specific aim is treated again, specific need patient has detailed examination to hospital orthopaedics, include medical, combine necessary auxiliary examination to be diagnosed certainly.

 The hand shows the dot presses a Xiaobai to ache

Left hand thumb that very be fond of this kind of circumstance to consider more is to folliculitis waits for the symptom that cause. Go to a hospital checkNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Check diagnose, make clear examine bring up the rear to be treated to disease again, can external use erythromycin ointment, the cure such as wet poisonous clear ointment, eat less acrimony.

A small white spot grows on middle finger abdomen, hard chrysalis kind resembles inside, touch ache, preliminary consideration clavus, the proposal goes to a hospital dermatological department examination, diagnose clearly, laser treatment considers according to the illness below doctor guidance, Shanghai night net

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Life rule is pleasurable, notice local cleanness is wholesome.

 The hand shows the dot presses a Xiaobai to ache

The phenomenon of occurrence white spot may consider the infection of the bacterium that is a common wool bursa to cause, ask the concern that does not want. Temporary not shadow1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The treatment with special sound, can outside besmear antibiotic perhaps uses medicaments apply to also go, notice your local sanitation, commonly a few days OK good

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