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Hypertension is a kind of very common symptom, also be many people problems of some a kind of body. Hypertensive to the patient, influence but can small. If illness can if be able to control, so the patient is the case that won’t have what risk. But if do not have well control an illness, may appear the problem such as paralysis of apoplectic, head. So, hypertensiveForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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You can have treatment through moxibustion therapeutics? The answer is affirmative!

 Hypertension is OK moxa broil

One, hypertensive moxibustion therapeutics

Moxibustion point: Emerge fontal acupuncture point.

The position: Become about thenar before in the node of 1/3. When the 2nd, joint of 3 Zhi foot is in later. Wen Jiuyou of this acupuncture point answers this world to help the action that go against, modern medicine studies, acupuncture point of Wen Jiuchong spring, to the lukewarm arteries and veins that connect blood, stimulative blood carry has very great help.

Method: Before sleeping every night, after the patient washs a foot, make the same score lie, moxibustion every time 1, cut becomes two paragraphs, ignite alignment point by other, till moxibustion of or so two acupuncture point is over daily 1, not scald. 7 days are 1 period of treatment, after resting 2 days, have the 2nd period of treatment again, can connect moxibustion 3 ~ 5 period of treatment.

Action: Emerge fontal acupuncture point is located in thenar, the lowest that ranks person, of moxibustion can bring hot be issued to lower levels, harmonic yin and yang, it is normal to make blood pressure tends.

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2, the no-no crowd of moxibustion

Be not everybody to be able to do moxibustion, disease is heated up inside diseases caused by external factors or deficiency of yin with irritability no matter, every is exceeding and feeble person also should not be moxibustion, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Stop moxibustion. Spend too be hungry, full, Bacchic, pregnant woman, still have pulse the minutely person that exceed above 90 times bans moxibustion.

In addition, the contagion such as typhoid fever, hives, and sex of peritonitis of acute appendicitis, acute, great part of a historical period is pneumonic, hypertensive the unfavorable also moxibustion such as disease.

 Hypertension is OK moxa broil

3, hypertensive note

1, measure blood pressure regularly, seasonable discovery

Do not appear all the year round as a result of a lot of hypertensive patients symptom, want to know whether we have high blood pressure so, pass blood pressure to measure only.

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2, medication can not replace

Dietary adjustment belongs to lifestyle interpose, although lifestyle interpose is important, but cannot replace medication. Already the hypertensive patient of diagnose should begin to be treated with medicine, lifestyle interpose can make a secondary attack only, medicaments just is main force.

3, want to follow the doctor’s advice with medicine

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Some hypertensive patients are lifelong did not appear disease of heart head blood-vessel, and some can happen however1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Cerebral block, cerebral hemorrhage, coronary heart disease, fundamental difference is using drug at having random law.

 Hypertension is OK moxa broil

4, fixed sieve checks hypertensive complication and amalgamative disease; Had done daily blood pressure to monitor. Want early discovery only, scientific step-down, prevent cardiovascular disease completely possibly. Once appear the complication such as cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure, the deadly rate, rate that cause damage is very high, it is a monstrous disaster to individual and family, seasonable discovery, seasonable treatment is very serious, because hypertensive symptom is unidentified,do not despise it again!

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