[the reason man that philtrum grows blain] how does _ male _ answer thing –

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Because the reason of hematic heat is caused,long blain is likely in male friend occurrence person, because metabolism is exuberant, can bring about endocrine exuberant, cause skin occurrence pore to jam thereby, cause the symptom of blain blain, we need to notice the method of cutaneous cleanness and dispel blain. Because food is undeserved,long blain still is likely in the person, when taking too much heat, the influence is formed to endocrinopathyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, and hematic Yu also is the cause that causes long blain blain.

Philtrum grows the reason man of blain

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks philtrum grows blain to basically be like below a few reasons to cause:

Blood is hot inside accumulate

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The young men and women that is in adolescence is worth metabolism long blain blain is what reason endocrine on fast, face exuberant, in relief heat slants fill, outside hematic heat harmony wait for period this moment is in very easily facial each place risk blain.

Sluggish of Yu hematic block

Long Yu of blood of ill stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, damp and hot accumulate knot at the skin, condense and become, the reason that blain blain grows on nose also can make philtrum risks blain. It is normal that if ill body just heals first,so so long blain also is belonged to, OK and attentive try to recuperate can cure.

Food not abridge

Happy event feed acrimony thick flavour, especially teenage preference snack if the reason chips of blain of 13 hamburger, long blain it is high fever high in syrup to measure food more, inside damp and hot of with the passing of time accumulate, go up evaporate woman’s head-ornaments, form acne. Attention of certain on food need is so reasonable.

The reason of blain grows on the side of philtrum, saw the introduction of a few reasons of above, you had had more knowledge to blain growing on the side of philtrum, after understanding occurrence reason so, want as soon as possible through effective treatment, believe to pass effective treatment, can as soon as possible the on the side blain in allowing people on one’s own side, as soon as possible disappear, such ability make him more healthy.

Philtrum grows the reason man of blain

[law of salt dispel blain]

Quite simple and practical. Join half spoon white vinegar in one spoon salt, add bit of cold boiled water, agitate makes salt complete melt equably, reoccupy makes up cotton bubble drinks mixed liquor in, has immersed makeup cotton apply is in the place of blain having blain. Hold to apply everyday, not only can dispel blain is returned can beautiful white oh.

[everyday 8 cups of water]

Early in the morning does not have the water that one dock-glass must drink before taking food, can clear intestines and stomach, can be very popular when necessary anxious wait for OK adjustment intestines and stomachLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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food, anyhow does not assure surely everyday one. Those who want an attention is, avoid by all means stays up late, this is the oldest natural enemy of beautiful flesh. WashShanghai noble babyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Communicate an area

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Face when want thoroughly abluent, do not want rudimental cosmetic. Pillow towel must be changed frequently, or, very lookShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Bug of easy develop mite, grow blain.

Philtrum grows the reason man of blain

[have way of blain of dispel of 5 kinds of beanses]

The five internal organs of correspondence of 5 kinds of beanses. Ormosia filling heart, white beans filling lung, gram filling liver, soya bean filling milt, filling kidney of black soya bean.

Bai Dou of; of aperient, diuresis enhances ormosia embellish bowel hot detoxify of Qing Dynasty of gram of; of human body immunity, whitened soya bean of dispel blain; be good at black soya bean of the lienal, hairdressing, ; that fight cancer has filling kidney, diuresis, send except irritated, black.

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