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The reason that old people vomits suddenly is more, likely the symptom that perhaps catchs a cold because of the reason of indigestion of intestines and stomach is caused, because,also be likely gastroenteritis and hypertension, so old people appears abrupt vomitForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Because of,spitting had better be the hair cause of disease that goes to a hospital checking it, avoid existence gastroenteritis to affect what pledge to nurture to intestines and stomach to absorb, and diabetic and hypertension also is the disease with common old people, everybody needs to notice the preventive of these diseases.

The reason that old people vomits suddenly

Old people is able to bear or endure difference sufferring a gender, often can produce the serious consequence such as collapse, shock because of this.

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The cause of disease with the commonnest vomiting is pancreatitis of cholecystitis of all sorts of acute gastroenteritis, virulent poisoning, acute, acute. Several hours of bring up after the vomiting after the meal sees meal of; of gastritis of Yu Man sex, duodenitis more are bigLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Measure the constellation of sour taste to feed, the likelihood is gastric pylorus convulsion or block. If puke contains the bile of many lubricious Huang Weiku, have the possibility of small intestine block. Drink for a long time the person that cause chronic alcoholism, behave vomit for daily early morning.

The old person of hypertensive disease, sudden vomiting companion is acuteness have a headache, it is the omen of hypertensive brain disease or cerebral hemorrhage. In addition, the haematoma inside the skull of glaucoma, cerebral concussion, brain tumor, traumatic be caused by all can vomitive companion has a headache.

The reason that old people vomits suddenly

If the diabetic appears disgusting vomiting, breath is deep fast, expiratory have sodden apple taste, may be intercurrent ketosis acid is toxic.

What should remind old people to notice particularly is, acute1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Miocardial infarction initial stage can be behaved for acuteness vomiting the abdomen on companion aches, easy by by accident examine is acute gastroenteritis or other acute abdominal disease, must cause take seriously.

The reason that because cause,vomits is very much, the patient that vomits to appearing cannot entirely stops spit, be like acute gastroenteritis, should treat the sickness that all sorts of block of; of bring up of the poison inside the stomach cause, in order to remove block is most main, need the vomiting that does an operation to treat; hypertensive be caused by when necessary, should try to reduce blood pressure; diabetic ketosis acid is toxic person, need inject insulin.

After vomitting, the most important is to water more, right amount candy and salt should be put in water, make sure daily make water measures not less than 500ml. Some people concern vomits again and reject to water, cannot take. If cannot water really, need vein infusion.

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Stop commonly usedly at present spit medicine to have: fourth Lin, every time 10 ~ 20mg(1 ~ 2) , daily 3. Gastric answer is installed (destroy spit clever) , every time 10 ~ 20mg, daily 3. In addition, hibernant spirit (chlorpromazine) also have stop say action, every time 12.5mg(1/2 ~ a) , daily 3.

The reason that old people vomits suddenly

Acute gastroenteritis, cholecystitis person, still need to take antibiotic, be like: Bi Pai is acerbity (PPA) , every time ~ of 0.5 ~ 0.75g(2 3) , daily Xin Nuoming of 3; compound, every time 2, daily 2. Accompany the person that have abdominal pain, but agent of spasmolysis of profess to convinced, be like: Laborious of Pu Lu benzene 15 ~ 30mg, 1 day 3, or belladonna mixture 10ml, 1 day 3.

After classics above is handled, still do not see the person that improve, answer to go to a hospital checking cure further as early as possible, still want to do electrocardiogram to check without fail, in order to eliminate urgent1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Quality miocardial infarction.

Vomitive precaution, basically answer to try to be on guard in the light of the pathogeny, if notice dietetic hygiene, do not eat and drink too much, not excessive drinking, the attention controls blood pressure to wait.

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