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Be located in the blind area of line of sight of human body, when any problems should appearing all round anus so, often cannot enough by discover for a short while, pass when this kind of problem all round anus only1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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At serious when, ability can cause the patient’s attention. And have one part patient when wiping anus, can discover anal periphery has hard a swelling on the skin to exist. So go up in the light of anal edge grow a hard a swelling on the skin, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Can this kind of state be what reason is caused?

 Fart grows a hard a swelling on the skin on eye edge

1, internal piles. Thrombus sex external piles is the commonnest kind in external piles. Often pass because of exerting oneself to do sth. when defecate fierce, acuteness activity or exert oneself to do sth. cough makes burst of vein of anal predestined relationship, the ooze outside blood arrives inside connective tissue, become clot, generate circle or elliptic bump hypodermically in anal ministry, size differs, be located in inside anus canal or outside anus predestined relationship. When rising at the beginning of bump softer, harden after a few days, the domestic haemorrhoid that can use earthy medical service at this moment creams apply. Be like not inflammation, bump can be in 3- – 4 absorb completely inside week abreaction, do not stayShanghai noble baby

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If trace; relapses inflammation, the connective tissue inside bump is proliferous, if produce infection,become; of connective tissue external piles changeably, can generate abscess. Happen in what anus is in charge of dentate line above to be internal piles, internal piles is general indolence, so that emergence of nucleus of blood, naevus is main symptom, serious when accept cannot be returned by oneself after emergence of nucleus of meeting gush blood, naevus, still have defecate difficulty, hind brush sordid, have object bilge feeling.

2, external piles. The semiotic external piles of external piles is located in under tooth trace, main show is knitted for skin of anus predestined relationship folds in a garment protuberant, red heat painful, oedema, have tenderness, the ache when defecate is aggravating, have a few secretion, some can be accompanied have the whole body unwell and calorific. Phlogistic sex external piles: Often damage of skin of anus predestined relationship and infection are caused, skin of anus predestined relationship knits a wall protuberant like bleb appearance, strut ache is apparent. Thrombus sex external piles: Burst of anal vein clump, outside haemal leakage blood-vessel, form thrombus to be in hypodermic apophysis, the characteristic is a disease abrupt, local strut, ache is acuteness. External piles of connective tissue sex: Because chronic inflammation is prickedShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Stimulate, relapse inflammation, strut, cause skin of anal predestined relationship to knit folds in a garment greaten, connective tissue hyperplasia, the skin that forms size to differ hangs down. Outside varicosity sexShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Naevus: All round anus predestined relationship hypodermic music piece vein is round, celiac pressing crouchs to increase below, increase when defecate, return to normal the symptom after the posture can differ of degree reduce.

 Fart grows a hard a swelling on the skin on eye edge

3, mixture naevus. Mixture naevus has the show of internal piles and external piles at the same time, main symptom reachs skin emergence for rectum mucous membrane, object bilge, aching, affect repeatedly give priority to.

There is a hard a knot in one’s heart on anal edge, finding accurate remedial method is crucial, did not delay an illness, meet to moment more regret. The person is living, must pay close attention to health, do not pay close attention to healthy word today, will raise a doctor namely tomorrow. Enjoy the happiness in the life, the patient that there is a hard a knot in one’s heart on anal edge also should compare an attention on food, the key still wants with delicate give priority to, do not eat deepfry kind food, avoid illness accentuation, it is more difficult to bring about cure to rise.

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