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All pregnant mom do not hope to appear the circumstance of ectopic pregnancy, so proposal husband and wife is between equipment pregnancy, make relevant inspection first. But if encountered ectopic pregnancy, so pregnant mom are about to end in time gravid, fall harm to lowest. So, is ectopic pregnancy inchoate can you bleed? Of the meeting. If appeared the word of ectopic pregnancy, can cause the symptom that pregnant mom occurrence vagina bleeds so.

 Ectopic pregnancy is inchoate can bleed


1. stops classics

 Except qualitative ministry is gravid between oviduct stay classics time longer outside, have 6 ~ more 8 Zhou Ting classics. 30% patients of 20% ~ are not had stop classics history apparently, or period expires only a few days.


2. vagina bleeds

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After P; embryo dies, often irregular vagina bleeds, lubricious An is red, the quantity is little, do not exceed menstrual amount commonly. Vagina of a few patient bleeds the capacity is more, similar menstruation, the vagina bleeds can accompany eduction of fragment of film having exuviate.

 Ectopic pregnancy is inchoate can bleed


3. faint and shock

 Because celiac acute internal haemorrhage reachs severe abdominal pain, light person occurrence faint, serious person appear exsanguine sex shock. Haemorrhage is jumped over more more fast, the symptom appears to be jumped over more quickly also serious, but bleed with the vagina the quantity does not become direct ratio.



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Use contraceptive correctly

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 The opportune moment that chooses bilateral mood and beautiful of body state all is pregnant. If of short duration is taken no account of,do a mother, be about to had been done use contraceptive. Good contraception from go up at all the happening that stopped ectopic pregnancy.


 Ectopic pregnancy is inchoate can bleed

2. treats reproductive system disease in time

 Inflammation is the culprit that causes tubal stricture, the palace antrum operation such as induced abortion is the odds that increased the film inside inflammation and uterus to enter oviduct more, bring about tubal adhesion stricture then, raised the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. Different of the film inside uterine flesh tumour, uterus the pattern that the reproductive system disease such as disease changes oviduct possibly also and function. Treat these diseases in time to be able to reduce the happening of ectopic pregnancy.


3. tries the conception outside body

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Ectopic pregnancy, can choose the conception outside body. Spermatozoon and ovum are successful outside body ” get married ” later, oosperm1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Can be sent to return the uterine safety be pregnant with of the mother’s body.


4. notices period, produce period the sanitation with puerperium, prevent the infection of reproductive system. Stop classics hind to make clear gravid position as early as possible, discover ectopic pregnancy in time.

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